M.Eng. Program

What is a Cornell ECE M.Eng. degree?

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell offers two dynamic Master of Engineering degree programs:

What does an ECE M.Eng. student do?

Are you a confident, skilled problem solver that enjoys working in a competitive, collaborative environment? Do you see things differently and enjoy challenging conventional thought? Want to go far above the competition in just a year and earn a significantly higher starting salary than a B.S. degree alone? You belong at Cornell ECE.

At Cornell ECE, you can confront persistent real-world problems, driving the leading edge of existing and emerging technologies with research that pushes the very edge of new. ECE M.Eng. students come from diverse backgrounds to invest in their futures and apply theories to immediate problems.

Whether you want to work in power and energy, bioelectrical engineering, computer architecture, imaging, nanotechnology, photonics, neuroscience, computing, or just want to explore what’s out there for you to discover and have an impact on the world, an M.Eng. degree from Cornell ECE will empower you to reach your goals and your potential.

Earn all of this in just one year with an M.Eng. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University!

We also offer the option for students to voluntarily extend their ECE M.Eng. degree program for a third semester. Students who extend have the opportunity to enroll in additional courses and become even better prepared for their job search. Extending also allows for the option to consider pursuing a Summer Internship between the Second and Third Semester. Students must be enrolled in a full-time capacity, pay the full amount in terms of cost, and are expected to fulfill increased course and credit hour requirements in order to complete a Three Semester ECE M.Eng. degree program. 

What will a Cornell ECE M.Eng. degree do for me? 

  • Gain access to some of the world’s finest faculty, pioneers and global leaders in their fields who are committed to supporting students and encourage independent thinking.
  • Develop leadership skills in an environment where challenges demand collaborative teamwork, critical thinking, and effective communication.
  • Be part of a vibrant, warm, and multicultural graduate community while you learn new, interesting, and useful things and gain the skills you need to tackle some of the world’s most important problems and improve the quality of life on our planet.
  • Push the limits of imagination through your professional design project in an unparalleled variety of fields, a project that will help open doors to your future career.
  • Enjoy easy access to faculty, warm friendships, a diverse community, and a culture of collaboration, inquiry, and inspiration from the vast opportunities available in our active and dynamic university environment.
  • Benefit from having Cornell’s worldwide reputation, top rankings, and Ivy League prestige attached to your name. After graduation, you will belong to an expansive network of esteemed Cornell alumni, with alumni clubs, organizations such as Cornell Entrepreneur Network, and a wide array of programs and services offered to graduates.
  • Command a higher starting salary than the national average for an ECE bachelor's degree. Payback on investment is relatively short, and financial benefits will compound throughout your career.

Consider the ECE M.Eng. Program at the Cornell Tech Campus

To learn about the ECE M.Eng. Program at the Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City, please visit their website.

ECE Contacts for M.Eng. Students 

Visit the Graduate Student Services Office in Phillips Hall, Room 223

For general inquiries, email us at ece-meng@cornell.edu.

Peter Jessel, Professor of Practice
Director, Master of Engineering Program

Cara Milne
M.Eng. Graduate Field Administrator