M.Eng. Admissions Requirements

The ECE M.Eng. Degree Program is strictly Self-Funded

Unfortunately, ECE is not able to offer funding of any kind for the M.Eng. degree. If you submit an application, please be expected to be able to provide your own financial support. 

Required Items for Submission: 

Academic Statement of Purpose  

Please use the Academic Statement of Purpose to describe, within 1000 words: (1) your academic interests, (2) your academic background, preparation, and training, including any relevant professional experiences, (3) your reasons for pursuing graduate studies in this specific program, and (4) your professional goals.  Please highlight any unique contributions you would make to the intellectual diversity of the class, including approaches to problem solving, points of view, skill sets, regional knowledge, understanding of professional work cultures, and/or lessons learned.  

Personal Statement

Please describe, within 1000 words, how your personal journey has influenced your decision to pursue a Master of Engineering degree and how it has prepared you to contribute to Cornell’s collaborative problem-solving environment.  Please highlight any lived experiences or interactions – including successes, failures, conflicts, injustices, or journeys of self-discovery – that have significantly shaped or serve to demonstrate your problem solving, communication, collaboration and teamwork, leadership, maturity and self-awareness, endurance, and/or resilience. 

We do NOT require submission of official GRE Scores 

Applications received with GRE Scores will not be given any additional consideration for admission. 

English Language Proficiency - TOEFL and IELTS 

TOEFL -IBT version of the TOEFL (for international or non-English speaking students). 

TOEFL scores must be official test results; photocopies are not acceptable. Scores need to be submitted directly to the Cornell Graduate School by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Cornell's institutional code for the TOEFL is 2098; no Departmental Code is necessary.  

IELTS - A combined overall score of 7.0 is required for IELTS. Scores must be sent electronically (e-delivery) to the Cornell University Graduate Admissions, Caldwell Hall e-download account. E-delivery may also be referred to as an e-TRF by your Test Center. 

Please consult the M.Eng. Programs Application Guide for more information.  

Recommendation Letters 

A total of two (2) Letters of Recommendation are to be submitted. It is strongly suggested that they both be from faculty members. The online application system default will only allow for the submission of two letters. If you wish to include a third letter, you may have your Recommender submit it directly to the ECE M.Eng. Student Services Office via email as a PDF only (no other formats will be accepted) at ece-meng@cornell.edu.  


One (1) from each university you have attended. Each transcript must be translated into English. You should plan to upload a scanned copy in PDF format in your online application. No hard copy Transcripts will need to be submitted. 

You may upload a scanned copy of your transcript into the CollegeNet Online Application System. Please use the following guidelines to do so: 

  • Scan at the lowest dpi document (use under 200 dpi whenever possible). 
  • Ensure that the institution name and other identifying marks are not missed during the scanning process, and that it is clearly legible and can print on 8 ½" x 11" size paper. 
  • Save your document as a PDF file. 
  • Scanning in gray scale or black and white may produce the best results. 
  • If you upload a scanned copy of your transcript, you do NOT have to provide an official hard copy version to accompany your application. You will only need to provide an official hard copy transcript if you are made an offer of admission and you choose to accept it. 
  • If the scanned file is too large then make a photocopy first then scan the photocopy. 


The minimum cumulative GPA is 3.5/4.0. 

Resume or CV 

Optional, but encouraged.

DO NOT submit hard copy materials of any kind.