M.Eng. Admissions and Applying

Ithaca Campus Admissions 

APPLY to Ithaca Campus Online

All completed application materials are due by January 15. Application review will begin directly following the January 15 deadline. The admissions process will be completed by April 15. Only completed applications will be reviewed and considered for admission.

Interested in visiting the Ithaca Campus?

If you intend to visit our campus seeking additional information regarding our M.Eng. Program, we would strongly encourage you to contact us in advance. This way, we will be able to set up a specific appointment for you. 

Please send email directly to sec36@cornell.edu so that a meeting can be scheduled ahead of time. 

You should also review the Cornell Graduate School's Admissions FAQ Page for additional info. 


New York City Tech Campus 

APPLY to Tech Campus Online  

Interested in visiting the New York City Tech Campus? 

Email admissions@tech.cornell.edu