Spotlights: ECE

Mikayla Diesch ’16, M.Eng. ’17Cornell ECE is erasing the boundaries between signals, systems, physics and hardware, and merging core concepts from biology, computer science, mechanical engineering and materials. We see things differently, with visionary science oriented to novel applications.

Danielle Regis ’15 M.Eng. ‘16

Danielle Regis inspires students to ask “Why?”

Danielle Regis ’15 M.Eng. ‘16 jokingly calls herself an “engineer who talks too much.” In reality, she’s someone who uses her outstanding communication skills to shatter expectations around how... Read more

Rabail Makhdoom and the winning poster

2023 M.Eng. Poster Session Winners

The ECE M.Eng. Poster Session was held in the Duffield Atrium on Tuesday May 2, 2023. A total of 47 posters were presented by students over the course of two sessions, morning and afternoon. All... Read more

A computer screen says "Hello"

Projects that make Hunter Adams say "Wow!"

Last semester's ECE 4760 Digital Systems Design Using Microcontrollers course with Lecturer Hunter Adams was focused on the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. In the final segment of the course, the M... Read more

ECE Ph.D. student Danna Ma stands in front of a city skyline at night, holding her cat in her arms

Making “smart robotic matter” smarter

What if you could create individual programmable robotic modules that could sense their environment and, depending on what they are sensing, engage in exploratory behavior, signal to each other... Read more

Students Kyle Infantino, Dilan Lakhani and Jack Brzozowski

Ten Tips for Tapeouts

Advice from students who prepped a custom chip for fabrication (Pictured left to right: Kyle Infantino, Dilan Lakhani and Jack Brzozowski. Photos by Eric Laine except where indicated.) What does it... Read more

ECE M.Eng. Student

Choosing a Project You Love

What are you doing after graduation? Watch how these ECE students invested in their future with a Master of Engineering degree. Whether you want to work in power and energy, bioelectrical engineering... Read more

Andrea Miramontes Serrano ’24

Doing Something

Meet the ECE undergrad leading the Campus Energy Conservation team “I don't personally like complaining about things if you're not going to do something about them,” says Andrea Miramontes Serrano ’24... Read more