Giving Opportunities

What kind of impact will you make?

Your gift directly impacts our student’s learning environment and our faculty’s research. And your support is critical to improving teaching spaces where our students learn, updating lab faculties where our faculty members conduct research, and renewing social spaces where both students and faculty interact outside of the classroom.

Graduate Student Support

Research funding for our faculty often requires matching funds for graduate student support. These graduate students are the future leaders of our technology economy, so it is critical for the nation, and for Cornell’s ranking, that we attract and recruit the right students to our program.

Upgrade the Circuits Labs

Circuits have changed dramatically since Phillips Hall was first opened. At that time one large room was devoted to supporting a large IBM computer, and as much time was devoted to designing vacuum tubes as to the emerging solid state revolution. Phillips Hall was built with these large dedicated instruments in mind, but has evolved to match the times. We have been slowly upgrading some spaces, and need to complete the renovations to unify the space. Our analog circuit program is one of the most active in the world, and we want to provide the right facility to make their impact the largest in the world.

Robotics Lab

Robotics is one of our priorities for the future of the school. Support for this lab will help our students learn to build robots from the ground up.

Revitalize Office Space

Phillips Hall was built in 1955 with three floors of identically sized offices. We want to modernize the 3rd floor office to be aligned on the beams of the building, yielding 200 sq. ft. rooms that will better accommodate center administration, graduate students and TA meeting rooms for class support. The upgrade will also allow better power and HVAC upgrades so that window air conditioners will not be needed. The offices will be constructed with some form of window to enliven the entire hallway with natural lighting and activity.

Graduate Student Electronic Devices Society (EDS) Seminars and ECE Colloquium Series

These events regularly bring our faculty and students together to stay on top of developments inside and outside of our field and create a continued sense of community across the school.


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact:

Alyssa Apsel, Professor and ECE Director
229 Phillips Hall 607/255-5032 

Hilary Diekow, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs and Development
258 Carpenter Hall 607/254-6702