Financial Support

There are three types of available funding that we offered to applicants who receive admission offers. Each of them include a Full Tuition Fellowship, an Academic Year Stipend and a Student Health Insurance Package.


  • Admission offers of a Fellowship are generally One (1) or Two (2) Semesters in duration.
  • The Fellowship Stipend will be a slightly higher dollar amount for the first year only.
  • While being supported on a Fellowship, you will have no formal obligations such as teaching of research for a specific group.

Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

  • An admission offer of a GRA will come directly from a specific ECE Faculty Member who has expressed a specific interest in having the admitted student join their research group upon entering our PhD Program.
  • Incoming GRAs are expected to begin focusing on research in the group of the ECE Faculty Member who has extended the offer or admission.

Teaching Assistantship (TA)

  • An admission offer of a TA comes directly from ECE.
  • Incoming TAs are expected to perform the required duties to support the course they will be assigned to which may include:
    • Teaching Recitations
    • Holding Office Hours
    • Grading Exams and Homework Assignments
    • Overseeing Lab Sections
    • Specific TA duties are determined by the Course Instructor of the course they are assigned to.