Design Project and Annual Poster Session

The M.Eng. Project is designed to provide you with substantive creative-thinking, problem-solving and teamwork experiences, along with opportunities to develop advanced design skills. Another critical aspect of the project is the emphasis on effective communication—an essential skill in the workplace.

You will work closely with a faculty member on a topical problem of your own choosing. Many alumni tell us their project experience has translated to real advantages in the workplace.

Project topics vary widely, reflecting the enormous range of interests of our M.Eng. students and the expertise of our faculty. 

Examples of past M.Eng. projects:

Poster Session

At the end of each semester, Cornell ECE M.Eng. students present their Finalized Design Projects in a Poster Session. Presenting their posters to judges, the students highlight and describe their work through a combination of images, text and a two-minute "elevator pitch." Prizes are awarded for the best posters in each area, as well as best overall poster.

M.Eng. Poster Session