M.Eng. Tuition and Funding

Master of Engineering Tuition for 2019-20 academic year is currently $56,550.00. Other expenses to be aware of:

  • $20,413.00 – Estimated Living Expenses of rent, food, utilities, etc...
  • $3,116.00 – Mandatory Student Health Insurance Package (for the academic year)
  • $85.00 – Student Activity Fee ($42.50 per semester)

There is no financial assistance available for the Master of Engineering degree available through the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

You may consult the links below for the College of Engineering a to find more information about potential funding opportunities.

  • Cornell Engineering financial aid: tuition awards, special awards, and teaching assistantships
  • Lester B. Knight Jr. Scholarship: awarded to students interested in combining their Cornell M.Eng. training with an MBA from the Johnson School at Cornell. Interested students must apply to and be admitted to the M.Eng. Program and then apply for consideration to the MBA Program while enrolled.