2023 M.Eng. Poster Session Winners

Rabail Makhdoom and the winning poster

The ECE M.Eng. Poster Session was held in the Duffield Atrium on Tuesday May 2, 2023. A total of 47 posters were presented by students over the course of two sessions, morning and afternoon. All posters were evaluated by a combination of ECE Faculty Members and ECE Ph.D. Students who served as judges. The judges selected winners in seven categories, along with a Best Overall Poster award. Congratulations to all!


Best Overall Poster

Rabail Makhdoom
"Optimization of Cored Inductors for High Frequency Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Systems"
Project Advisor: Khurram Afridi  


Best in AI/Pattern Recognition (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics)


Samantha Cobado
"Optimizing Binary Convolution for Compute-In-SRAM Accelerator"
Project Advisor: Zhiru Zhang


Grace Zhang
"Whole-Arm Force Sensing Skin for a Robotic Arm"
Project Advisor: Tapo Bhattacharjee

Best in Bio-Signals (Neural, Controls, Imaging, Bioinformatics)

Frances Lee, Jackie Yao, Lily Yu
"Revolutionizing Veterinary Education: Canine Eye Simulation for Hands-On Learning"
Project Advisor: Joe Skovira
Outside Project Field Advisor: Daniel Fletcher

Best in Communications (Information Theory, Network Coding, Digital Communications)

Corbin Heywood, Soumyarup Lahiri
"Alpha CubeSat ACS and ChipSat Communications"
Project Advisor: Joe Skovira
Outside Project Field Advisor: Joshua Umansky-Castro


Best in Computer Systems (OS, Embedded, Networks, Architecture, Database)

Alga Peng, Xiangyi Zhao
Project Advisor: Joe Skovira


Best in Electronic Devices and Materials (Analog, Digital, Optics, MEMS, Circuits)

Brendan Mercaco
"Design of High Coherence Josephson Junction Qubit"
Project Advisor: Debdeep Jena


Best in Large Scale Systems (Power Systems, Energy)

Ziqing Liang
"Which Generators Should Turn On? – Unit Commitment in Power Systems"
Project Advisor: Hsiao-Dong Chiang


Best in Signal and Information Processing

Zeren Zhang
"Interpretable Neural Networks"
Project Advisor: Vikram Krishnamurthy
Outside Project Field Advisor: Kunal Pattanayak

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