Spotlights: ECE

Mikayla Diesch ’16, M.Eng. ’17Cornell ECE is erasing the boundaries between signals, systems, physics and hardware, and merging core concepts from biology, computer science, mechanical engineering and materials. We see things differently, with visionary science oriented to novel applications.

Alumni Spotlight: Susie Kim Riley

ECE junior Alicia Coto interviewed entrepreneur and alumnus Susie Kim Riley about her time at Cornell and her experience as a successful woman in business. Riley is founder and CEO of Aquto, a company... Read more

Mahsa Shoaran, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Welcome to Mahsa Shoaran ( 2017 )

Mahsa Shoaran was born into a family of medical doctors. Through most of her early schooling, she believed she was on that same path toward an M.D. degree. But then came higher level math and physics... Read more

Breaking rules to change the way we live

When Dan Simpkins was a freshman at Cornell, he had two majors. “When I started as an undergraduate, I was a double major in engineering and pre med. As you can imagine, life wasn’t pretty. After one... Read more

Mert Sabuncu

Welcome to Mert Sabuncu ( 2017 )

Mert Sabuncu has joined the faculty of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and the Nancy E. and Peter C. Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Cornell. Sabuncu, who is... Read more

Francesco Monticone

Welcome Francesco Monticone ( 2017 )

Francesco Monticone of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Cornell likes to work in the realm of theory. “The best possible project for me,” says Monticone, “would start with a... Read more

Welcome Jayadev Acharya ( 2016 )

Jayadev Acharya joined the faculty of Cornell Engineering in July, 2016. Acharya is an assistant professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and a graduate field member in... Read more