Spotlights: ECE

Circuit board with wireless antennaCornell ECE is erasing the boundaries between signals, systems, physics and hardware, and merging core concepts from biology, computer science, mechanical engineering and materials. We see things differently, with visionary science oriented to novel applications.

Microsystems a Major Research Area

With the ubiquity of handheld devices and the advent of the Internet of Things—networking everything from cars to light bulbs—microsystems, which bring together functionalities such as sensing... Read more

Q&A with Rick Johnson and Clif Pollock

Professor C. Richard Johnson, Jr. has changed his career focus several times by bridging gaps and figuring out what people need—and then making it happen. He recently met with ECE Director Clif... Read more

ECE Teaching Snapshot: Carl Poitras

Over the past several years, Senior Research Associate and Lecturer Carl Poitras has taught and co-taught several different ECE courses including ECE 3030: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, ECE 3100... Read more

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Fischell

When Sarah Fischell B.S. ’78, M.Eng. ’79, first stepped foot inside Bell Labs—one of the world’s foremost technology research institutes—she knew she was in a place of legend. It was 1979 and the... Read more

Qing Zhao

Welcome Qing Zhao ( 2015 )

Qing Zhao, professor in Cornell’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, focuses her work on mathematical formulations of, and solutions to, engineering problems. Zhao uses decision theory and... Read more

Welcome Grace Xing ( 2015 )

Silicon-based semiconductors have been of primary importance to the electronics revolution of the past 50 years. Professor Grace Xing is working on what comes next. She is one of the leading experts... Read more

Welcome Debdeep Jena ( 2015 )

Electronic devices have become ubiquitous; they are in our kitchens, bathrooms, cars, and even our clothes. As these devices have shrunk to near their ultimate size and speed limits, many are... Read more