Electrical and computer engineering connects our world. It's also the most far-reaching major in the College of Engineering. ECE fields range from the nanoscale to the gigantic, from electronics for microscopic integrated circuits and biological systems to large-scale energy generators and the power grid, from the maker movement to theoretical quantum mechanics.

What can I do as an ECE?

  • Be challenged: ECE is one of the most intellectually challenging majors at Cornell Engineering. Work on complex projects, both in-class and on team projects, experiences that will help you to stand out in your career.
  • Have an impact on the future: Advances in electrical and computer engineering lead to new jobs, companies, and technologies affecting our world in ways we aren't even aware of yet. 
  • Learn a universal tool: This is the toolset for hi-tech. For business. For a career in health care, law, entrepreneurship, and just about anything else. 
  • Prepare for your future career: Influence the future with an ECE degree. Advances in electrical and computer engineering lead to new jobs, companies, and technologies. ECE has the potential to affect the world in ways we haven't yet discovered. Develop a valuable mindset that opens doors for careers inside and outside of engineering.

Companies need ECEs. With an ECE degree, you'll be equipped to branch out in other directions, giving you a choice in the path your career will take.

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Why Cornell ECE?

  • Nationally top-ranked program. Cornell ECE has been consistently ranked in the top ten by to U.S. News and World Report.
  • World-class research with faculty members dedicated to teaching. Our faculty include IEEE Fellows, National Science CAREER recipients, DARPA/ONR/Air Force Young Investigators, and PECASE recipients, just to name a few. Check out the awards and honors our faculty have received!
  • State-of-the-art undergraduate curriculum. Cornell ECE is constantly updating our curriculum in order to keep our students on top of leading edge topics. This includes everything from yearly Special-Topics courses on cutting-edge technologies to an overhaul of our curriculum every six years. The ECE program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,
  • Undergraduate research opportunities. More than half of our faculty regularly include undergraduates in their research groups. Many of these students co-author papers and attend international technical conference where they can meet leaders of both today and tomorrow.
  • A phenomenal undergraduate placement record. over 40% of our undergraduate class goes on to pursue advanced graduate degrees, while almost 60% find employment at companies ranging from large-scale multinational engineering corporations to innovative start-up companies.
  • A Professional Master of Engineering Degree Program. Our one-year M.Eng. Program provides our students with an outstanding opportunity to continue their technical education beyond their undergraduate degree with an additional year of courses and an intensive design project directly supervised by an ECE faculty member. Our undergraduate students have the opportunity to tailor their coursework accordingly to provide them with a head-start on their graduate study here in ECE.
  • ECE is the degree for every career path. Even the most basic of ECE material is at the core of a tremendous array of scientific and technical areas, including financial engineering, biomechanics of motion, and remote sensing of the environment, just to name a few! ECEs can do everything!

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