Engineering students formally select their engineering major, or what we call “affiliate with a major”, by the end of the first semester of their sophomore year. Once you have submitted your application for affiliation, the ECE Undergraduate Coordinator reviews your grades to determine if you have satisfied the major affiliation requirements. If you are ahead or behind a semester, consult with the ECE Undergraduate Coordinator to determine appropriate coursework and procedures.

ECE Affiliation Requirements

  • Must be in good academic standing in the College of Engineering
  • Must have completed with a grade of C+ or better: MATH 2930 or MATH 2940, PHYS 2213, and either ECE/ENGRD 2100, ECE/ENGRD 2720, or ECE/ENGRD 2300
  • Must have an average GPA of at least 2.5 in the following courses, if completed: MATH 1920, 2930, 2940, PHYS 2213, ECE/ENGRD 2100, ECE/ENGRD 2720, ECE/ENGRD 2300, CS/ENGRD 2110, ECE 2400

If your application is approved, you will be affiliated with ECE and an ECE faculty advisor will be assigned to you. If you do not fully meet the requirements listed above, we encourage you to describe your particular circumstances during the affiliation process and we will work with you to prepare for entering the ECE major. For more information please contact the Undergraduate Office at 222 Phillips Hall for assistance.

Forms and Contacts

Registrar Forms (including the Application for Major Affiliation form)

Affiliation Form Contacts