Awards honor excellence in engineering teaching and advising

Passionate, committed, encouraging, approachable, incredible – these are just a few of the adjectives used to describe faculty members receiving teaching and advising awards at the 2022 Cornell Engineering Fall Faculty Reception hosted Sept. 22 in the Statler Ballroom. College Teaching Awards The College Teaching Awards recognize outstanding instructors across many dimensions including lecturing; developing novel curriculum, implementing teaching innovations, or novel pedagogy; exceptional mentoring of students; enhancements of instructional laboratories; mentoring of other faculty, or other... Read more

Jena publishes new textbook on quantum physics of semiconductors

“Quantum Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Devices” authored by Professor Debdeep Jena, molds scientific subjects such as quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and electromagnetism, all under the umbrella of the semiconductor materials and devices that have become ubiquitous in daily life. Read more

Professor Suh receives hardware security test of time award from Intel

Intel announced the winners of its second annual Hardware Security Academic Awards which are aimed at advancing innovative research addressing fundamental security challenges and boosting the industry’s ability to deliver more trustworthy foundational technologies. This year, Intel added a Test of Time award to the program honoring papers published more than 10 years ago which have demonstrated a significant and lasting impact in the security field. Cornell ECE Professor Ed Suh is the lead author of the 2003 paper which received the inaugural Test of Time Award: “ AEGIS: Architecture for... Read more

Amal El-Ghazaly receives alumni award to improve sensors for soft robots

The President’s Council of Cornell Women has awarded a PCCW Affinito-Stewart Grant to ECE Assistant Professor Amal El-Ghazaly for her proposal titled “Highly Stretchable Pressure and Curvature Sensor for Soft Robots.” The proposed research aims to develop a stretchable material-based sensor array to provide soft robots with a high-resolution sense of “touch.” When soft robots (which are filled with air) touch an external object, air within the body is displaced and puts internal pressure on other surfaces of the robot in addition to the point of contact. These two simultaneous pressures on the... Read more

Read the latest issue of ECE Connections

The latest issue of ECE Connections magazine is focused on energy and sustainability. Professor Alyssa Apsel, director of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, shares some thoughts below on the impactful work underway in Cornell ECE on these important issues. Director's Reflections Alyssa Apsel Professor and Director In April, the United Nations released a report on climate change with a dire warning that harmful carbon emissions from 2010-2019 have never been higher in human history. Scientists argued that it’s “now or never” to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Based... Read more

‘Swarming’ microrobots display versatile movement

Researchers have developed collectives of microrobots - each slightly larger than a hair's width - capable of reconfiguring their swarm behavior to move in circles, bunch up into a clump, spread out like gas or form a straight line like beads on a string. Read more