Engineering undergraduates affiliated with the following majors are eligible to participate in the Electrical and Computer Engineering minor: ABEN, EP, CEE, CHEME, CS, GEOL, MAE, MSE, ORE.


To complete the minor, the student must take at least six (6) courses (minimum of 18 credits), chosen as follows:

I. Two of the following:

  • ECE/ENGRD 2100, Introduction to Circuits for Electrical and Computer Engineers (4 credits)
  • ECE 2200, Signals and Systems (4 credits)
  • ECE/ENGRD 2300, Introduction to Digital Logic Design (4 credits)

II. Two of the following:

  • ECE 3030, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
  • ECE3140/CS 3420, Embedded Systems
  • ECE 3100, Introduction to Probability and Random Signals
  • ECE 3150, Introduction to Microelectronics
  • ECE 3250, Mathematics of Signal and System Analysis

III. One other technical ECE lecture course at the 3000 level or above (3-credit minimum). [NOTE: ECE 3400 cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.]

IV. One other technical ECE lecture course at the 4000 level or above (3-credit minimum).

Students must receive a grade of C- or better in every ECE course counted toward the minor and a GPA of at least 2.3 across all such courses.

For more information, visit the ECE Undergraduate Coordinator in Phillips Hall 222.

Robotics Minor

New Robotics minor offered by Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science.