Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Excellence in Teaching

Ruth and Joel Spira

The Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Excellence in Teaching was established in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (formerly, the School of Electrical Engineering) in 1983 by Ruth and Joel Spira, cofounders of the Lutron Electronics Company. Joel Spira Obituary, April 14, 2015

The prize is awarded annually to an individual faculty member who had excelled in teaching and inspiring students during the current academic year. The award is usually presented to the ECE awardee at the annual IEEE Student Branch Banquet, and includes a cash prize.

Spira Award Recipients

Clifford Pollock, 2018-19
Zhiru Zhang, 2017-18
David Albonesi, 2016-17
Christopher Batten, 2015-16
José Martínez, 2014-15
David H. Albonesi, 2013-14
Aaron Wagner, 2011-12
Bruce Land, 2010-11
Alyosha Molnar, 2009-10
Rajit Manohar, 2008-09
Wesley E. Swartz, 2007-08
David A. Hammer, 2006-07
Bruce R. Land, 2005-06
Sheila S. Hemami, 2003-04
C. Richard Johnson, 2002-03
Donald T. Farley, 2001-02
Stephen B. Wicker, 2000-01
Robert J. Thomas, 1999-00
Terrence L. Fine, 1998-99
Paul M. Kintner, 1997-98
Charles E. Seyler, Jr., 1996-97
John A. Nation, 1995-96
Richard C. Compton, 1993-94
James Richard Shealy, 1992-93
Thomas W. Parks, 1991-92
John C. Belina, 1990-01
Clifford R. Pollock, 1989-90
Norman M. Vrana, 1988-89
David F. Delchamps, 1987-88
Michael C. Kelley, 1986-87
James S. Thorp, 1985-86
Hwa C. Torng, 1984-85
Ralph Bolgiano, Jr., 1983-84