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ECE Cadence Usage Information

The following courses use Cadence products in teaching up to 300 students per semester:

  • ECE 3140, Embedded Systems (Nils Napp, Offered in Spring)
  • ECE 4320, Integrated Micro Sensors and Actuators: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds (Amit Lal, Offered in Spring) 
  • ECE 4530, Analog Integrated Circuit Design (Al Molnar, Offered in Fall) 
  • ECE 4740, Introduction to Digital (VLSI) Design (Edwin Kan, Offered in Spring)
  • ECE 6540, Advanced Analog Design (Al Molnar, Not Offered '23-'24 AY; Offered in '24-'25, Spring)
  • ECE 6745, Complex Digital ASIC Design  (Chris Batten, Offered in Spring)
  • ECE 6550, Advanced High-Speed and RF Integrated Circuits (Al Molnar, Not offered '23-'24 AY; Offered in '24-'25 Spring) 
  • ECE 6950, Robots as Embodied Algorithms (Nils Napp, Offered in Fall) 
  • ECE 6950, Reconfigurable Computing and FPGA Design (Mohamed Abdelfattah, Offered in Fall)
  • ECE 6950, Atomic and Quantum Optical Physics and Technology (Karan Mehta, Offered in Fall) 

The following research projects, labs, and groups use Cadence products:

The following Cadence products are used in each course and research project, unless otherwise noted:

  • Custom IC
  • SiP
  • Digital IC
  • Verification
  • SPB (PCB)

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