Wagner explores communication feedback links with new NSF grant

Aaron Wagner, professor of electrical and computer engineering, received a Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF) award from the National Science Foundation for his project titled "A Theoretical Foundation For Practical Communication with Feedback."
The project will develop practical methods to improve communication system performance by using feedback links and mathematically characterizing optimal methods for using feedback links. The improved understanding of how to use feedback should improve wireless communication technologies for cellular systems and the internet of things.

Many electronic communication systems are bidirectional, transmitting information in both directions. However, the system may only be using one direction at any given time. In these cases, the reverse link which would otherwise be idle can be used to facilitate transmission in the forward direction.

Wagner’s project will examine how to best use communication channels with a limited amount of feedback to achieve fast and reliable transmission of information.
The grant awards Wagner’s team $410,000 over the next four years.

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