NSF Awards Cyber-Physical Systems Grants to ECE Professors Lang Tong and Ed Suh

ECE Professors Lang Tong and Edward Suh are the co-principal investigators of a $1.2m award from the National Science Foundation under the Cyber-Physical Systems program. Titled “High-Fidelity High-Resolution and Secure Monitoring and Control of Future Grids: a synergy of AI, data science, and hardware security,” this multidisciplinary project also includes Professors Meng Wang and Joe Chow from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute which shares the award.

This research develops new hardware and software solutions for high-fidelity, high-resolution, and secure monitoring and control of the future grid. By harnessing and exploiting the increasingly abundant and diverse data sources and through novel applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Tong and Suh's research advances the state-of-the-art monitoring of cyber-physical systems in three fronts.

First, this research develops machine learning approaches to high-resolution state estimation for power systems that are unobservable by existing phasor measurement units. Second, it offers new solutions to detecting and mitigating data anomaly caused by malfunctions of sensors, communications systems, and cyber attacks by adversarial agents. Finally, this research develops a new hardware architecture and prototypes for future digital substations that provide hardware-based security.

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