Haas and four other ECE faculty ranked among top scientists in the world

Four additional ECE faculty members were also ranked based on H-index, citations and number of DBLP articles.

Zygmunt Haas, emeritus professor in Cornell ECE, has been ranked 315 out of the top 1000 computer scientists in the United States (496th in the world) by Guide2Research. 

Four other ECE faculty members were ranked as well, including Hsiao-Dong Chiang, Vikram Krishnamurthy, Stephen Wicker, Christoph Studer, among a total of 37 scholars from Cornell.

"This honor validates the important contributions of our faculty and the impact of their work," said Alyssa Apsel, ECE director. "I am amazed and impressed by the reach of Cornell ECE, but not at all surprised." 

Guide2Research is a leading research portal for computer science. Their academic platform promotes the highest quality research to inspire young researchers to contribute to the advancement of science. Guide2Research is steered by feedback received from leading scientists whose contributions have shaped the vision and future direction of its academic portal. 

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