Joseph Ballantyne

Joseph M. Ballantyne

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phillips 217

Selected Publications

  • Lau, S.T., Joseph Ballantyne. 1997. "2-D Analysis of a Dielectric Waveguide Mirror." IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology 15: 551.
  • Lee, J.S., A.T. Schremer, D. Fekete, J.R. Shealy, Joseph Ballantyne. 1997. "Growth of Direct Bandgap GaInP Quantum Dots on GaP Substrates." Journal of Electronic Materials 26: 1199.
  • Ji, C., M.H. Leary, Joseph Ballantyne. 1997. "Long-Wavelength Triangular Ring Laser." IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 9: 1469.
  • Lee, J.S., J. Salzman, Joseph Ballantyne, D. Emerson, J.R. Shealy. 1997. "Selective Growth of GaP on Si by MOCVD." Journal of Crystal Growth 172: 53.
  • Ji, C., M.H. Leary, Joseph Ballantyne. 1997. "Triangular Shaped Waveguide Diode Ring Laser Fabricated using C12 RIBE in InP/InGaAsP." Electronics Letters 33: 493.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Clyde Distinguished Chair (College of Engineering, University of Utah) 1992
  • Fellow (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) 1985
  • NSF Senior Fellow 1970
  • Dean's Meritorious Scholar (University of Utah)
  • Eta Kappa Nu (University of Utah)


  • BSEE (Electrical Engineering), University of Utah, 1959
  • BS (Mathematics), University of Utah, 1959
  • SM (Electrical Engineering), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1960
  • Ph D (Electrical Engineering), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964