ECE Teaching Snapshot: Bruce Land

Senior Lecturer Bruce Land has been teaching Electrical and Computer Engineering students at Cornell since 1997. He began when the professor who had been teaching a microcontroller class retired. Land took over the class, revamped it as a design course, and has not looked back since. Sixteen years later, he now teaches three classes in ECE, and all of them are focused on design.

When Land talks about his ECE 4760 Designing With Microcontrollers course, it is clear that this is his baby. “This class is the culminating design experience for seniors and M.Eng students,” says Land. “Much of what they decide to make grows out of their personal interests and I just love seeing what they come up with each year.”

Land has taught more than a thousand students the basics of integrating microcontrollers into their designs and for him, it never gets old. “We ask undergraduates here to do astonishingly complicated things,” says Land,“ and they just do it.”

Bruce Land Quotes:

“Watching a student’s idea go from zero to existing in the real world is such a rush."

"I can talk all day about polarity, but it doesn’t make sense until they burn their fingers.”

"Seeing the creativity of the students is the best part of teaching."

Visit this link and you too can see what the students come up with each year:

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