Two ECE Professors Receive College of Engineering Teaching Awards

Assistant Professor Christina Delimitrou and Associate Professor Alyosha Molnar were honored recently for their exceptional teaching at the New Faculty Reception on Tuesday, September 17. We are proud to share details of their awards, including comments from some of their students.

Christina Delimitrou received the Douglas Whitney '61 Award. While only being at Cornell for 3 years, Christina has become a tremendous educator within ECE, including teaching the senior computer architecture class twice since she arrived. Starting from 71 students, she has grown the class to 115, the second largest in ECE. 

Her teaching is widely recognized with significant enrollments through a CS cross-listing.  Students praise not only the caliber of her delivery, but also the creative ways she encourages students and the attention to inclusion that permeates her teaching. 

One of the students summarizes the course this way: “Professor Delimitrou has always been inclusive and helpful throughout this course. She responds to questions from students with quick and clear answers. I'm impressed by her ability to deliver well-organized lectures and answering challenging questions from students!”

Al Molnar received the Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Tucker Award. In his nomination, ECE wrote that “Al is, without a doubt, one of our most effective and inspiring instructors, and a role model for the rest of us in ECE and the College.” 

While teaching a wide range of ECE courses at the undergraduate level over many years, Al sustains incredibly high course evaluation ratings. Students are impressed by his raw intellect, by how he projects great command of subjects; and by how he displays great empathy to understand and address students’ questions on the material clearly and accurately. 

Comments from students include, “Professor Molnar is easily the most engaged teacher I have ever seen. He seems like he actually wants his students to know his material and to realize what awesome things can be done with it,” and “Molnar is a wizard.”

Please join us in congratulating Christina and Al for the excellent work they do to instruct and support the students of ECE.

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