Krishnamurthy publishes new book, “Dynamics of Engineered Artificial Membranes and Biosensors”

ECE Professor Vikram Krishnamurthy has recent new book entitled, “Dynamics of Engineered Artificial Membranes and Biosensors,” published by Cambridge University Press.

ECE Professor Vikram Krishnamurthy has a new book entitled, “Dynamics of Engineered Artificial Membranes and Biosensors,” published by Cambridge University Press.

“Learn about the state of the art in building artificial membranes and synthetic biological devices, and in constructing mathematical models for their dynamics at multiple time and spatial scales with this comprehensive book,” states the abstract from Cambridge University Press. “Drawing on recent advances in bioengineering and biochemistry, it describes how to engineer tethered bilayer lipid membranes, bioelectronic interfaces, high-resolution biosensors, and diagnostic devices for non-invasive cellular measurements and electroporation. 

“Multi-physics models combining atomistic (molecular dynamics and coarse-grained molecular dynamics), mesoscopic (Poisson–Nernst–Planck), and macroscopic (reaction-rate theory) dynamics provide a complete structure-to-function description of these devices. Experiments and dynamic models explain how anti-microbial peptides penetrate membranes, how molecular machine biosensors built out of artificial membranes can detect femtomolar concentrations, and how electroporation can be controlled. Supported by atomistic simulation code online, this is essential reading for researchers, students and professionals in bioengineering, chemical engineering, biophysics, applied mathematics, and electrical engineering.”

Krishnamurthy is a professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University and Cornell Tech. Prior to joining Cornell in 2016, he was a Canada Research Chair professor at University of British Columbia. Krishnamurthy is a Fellow of the IEEE and was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. He was a Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE Signal Processing Society and Editor in Chief of IEEE Journal Selected Topics in Signal Processing. He is also with Center for Applied Math at Cornell University.

Read more about “Dynamics of Engineered Artificial Membranes and Biosensors.” Read an excerpt (pdf) 

Find out more about Krishnamurthy and his work at http://vikram.ece.cornell.eduWatch a video

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