Fall 2023 ECE M.Eng. Poster Session Winners

The ECE M.Eng. Poster Session was held in the Duffield Atrium on Monday, December 4, 2023. All posters were evaluated by a combination of ECE faculty members and ECE Ph.D. students. The judges selected winners in seven individual categories, as well as Best Overall Poster.

Category: AI / Pattern Recognition (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics)

Poster Title: Autonomous Wave Robot for Digging and Building

Project Field Advisor: Kirstin Petersen

M.Eng. Student: Ryan Chan

Category: Bio-Signals (Neural, controls, Imaging, Bioinformatics)

Poster Title: Calf Health, Sickness Prediction, Illness Detection

Project Field Advisor: Tapo Baattacharjee

Outside Project Field Advisor: Taika von Konisglow

M.Eng. Student: Zoe Chen

Category: Communications (Information Theory, Network Coding, Digital Communications)

Poster Title: Techniques for Monitoring Hive Activity and Bee Behavior

Project Field Advisor: Nils Napp

M.Eng. Student: Guadalupe Bernal

Category: Computer Systems (OS, Embedded, Networks, Architecture, Database)

Poster Title: Natural Timers for IoT

Project Field Advisor: Hunter Adams

M.Eng. Student: Michael Awad

Category: Electronic Devices + Materials (Analog, Digital, Optics, MEMS, Circuits)

Poster Title: Run Hide Activate: Active Shooter Response System

Project Field Advisor: Joe Skovira

M.Eng. Student: Minjung Kwon

Category: Large Scale Systems (Power Systems, Energy)

Poster Title: Implementing a Decentralized Routing Algorighm Using the Raspberry Pi Pico-W

Project Field Advisor: Hunter Adams

M.Eng. Student: Christopher Chan

Category: Signal and Information Processing

Poster Title: Skinergy: Machine Embroidered Silicone Textile Composites for Self-Powered On-Skin Input Setting

Project Field Advisor: Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao

M.Eng. Student: Sarah Ellenbogen

Category: Best Overall Poster

Poster Title: Real-Time Computer Vision Bird Feeder on Raspberry Pi

Project Field Advisor: Hunter Adams

M.Eng. Student: Tyler Bisk

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