Congratulations to the 2019 ECE M.Eng. Poster Session Winners

Best Posters in Each Category:

AI/Pattern Recognition (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics)

  • Daria Efimov, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19
  • Poster Title: Olympic Lifting for Engineers
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Bruce Land

Bio-Signals (Neural, Controls, Imaging, Bioinformatics)

  • Samhita Marri, December ’19 and Shuhua Li, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19
  • Poster Title: Autonomous Control of UAV to Measure Solar-Induced Fluorescence and Reflectance of Crops
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Joe Skovira

Communications (Information Theory, Network Coding, Digital Communications)

  • Joao Pedro Carvao, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19
  • Poster Title: Massive MIMO-OFDM for Acoustic Communication
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Christoph Studer

Computer Systems (OS, Embedded, Networks, Architecture, Database)

  • Nicholas Sarkis, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19
  • Poster Title: Secure Memory System for Information Flow Assurance
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Ed Suh

Electronic Devices + Materials (Analog, Digital, Optics, MEMS, Circuits)

  • Shuyao Chen, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19
  • Poster Title: Floating Guard Ring Edge Termination for Wide Bandgap Power Diodes
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Grace Xing

Large Scale Systems (Power Systems, Energy)

  • Alex Wong, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19
  • Poster Title: IR for Continuously Reconfigurable Polymorphic Hardware
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Adrian Sampson

 Signal and Information Processing

  • Xuezhi Wang, ECE M.Eng. December ’19, Xue Wang, ECE M.Eng. December ’19, Peng Wu, ECE M.Eng. May ’19 and Kui Cao, ECE M.Eng. December ‘19
  • Poster Title: A Close-Loop Brain-Heart Machine Interface System
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Bruce Land

Best Poster Overall:

  • Jiaxin Liu, ECE M.Eng. December ‘19
  • Poster Title: Recognize Symptom Using Saliency in Chest X-Ray Images
  • ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Mert Sabuncu

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