The Future of Farming


The Space @ Greenstar
700 West Buffalo Street


Cow wearing a strange helmet

In partnership with the Tokyo University of Agriculture and the Technical University of Munich, we are hosting a workshop focused on the future of farming and food. The culmination of the workshop is a presentation by graduate students from around the world about future farming technology, artificial and genetically modified food, fighting food waste, how to achieve equitable food distribution and more; how can we sustainably fed the growing population of the world in the face of changing climate? 

Farmers are connecting cows to the IoT and using machine learning to eradicate weeds while saving the crops. What technologies can we leverage to address these issues? How is artificial intelligence and neural networks being used in agriculture?

Global climate change, a growing population, and vanishing arable land are contributing to uncertainty about our ability to sustainably feed the world in the coming decades. Graduate students come together to present and discuss with the audience on the following topics related to the future of farming:

  • GMOs
  • Food Distribution
  • Agrotechnology
  • New Food
  • Ecology vs Economy
  • Food Waste

SPONSORED BY: CALS International Affairs, SIPS, TUAT, TUM, and the East Asia Program.


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