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Welcome to ECE

Consistently a nationally top-ranked ECE school, we remain at the forefront of our field, educating and training the next generation of engineers while driving the leading edge of technology.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree

Based upon three technical foundations (computers, mathematics, and physics), ECE prepares you for graduate study or a career in all branches of engineering as well as business, medicine, and law. Graduates find employment with top international companies in the computer industry, networking and telecom, data analytics, financial services, aerospace and defense, information security, automotive, manufacturing and technology, research and development, energy and power, health care, and law. Those who go on to graduate study attend top-tiered schools throughout the country. [more info]

Master of Engineering Degree

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng) Degree is a one year program for students seeking advanced training in current technology and engineering design. It is designed to put professional engineers on the fast track to success. [more info]

Ph.D. Degree

The Ph.D. program at Cornell ECE prepares students to be future leaders in research, development and teaching through rigorous course work and cutting-edge research. As an interdisciplinary program, students may take advantage of the wide range of research opportunities on campus, from physics to bioscience, from mathematics to economics. [more info]

Recent News

37 Latin American students jump into summer research

Guatemalan grad student Oscar Castañeda is working with ECE's Christoph Studer to develop an...

Ph.D. student Yunfei Ma wins third place in student paper competition at IMS 2015

Ma wins for his paper entitled “Passive Ranging by Low-Directivity Antennas with Quality Estimate”.

Disputed Painting Is Declared an Authentic Rembrandt After Decades

Johnson's contributions on canvas weave analysis assisted in reassessment of painting.

Air Force awards grant to ECE Asst. Prof. Christopher Batten

ECE's Christopher Batten receives Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Young...

The art of seeing: Course gathers new data on old masters

Using image processing tools and data analysis, Cornell scientists, scholars and curators shared...

Better mouse model enables colon cancer research

Engineers at Cornell and clinicians at Weill Cornell Medical College have created a comprehensive...

Latest Spotlights

ECE 3400: ECE Practice and Design

Undergrads from ECE 3400 build robots that navigate labyrinths and compete against the clock!

ECE Day 2015

Cornell ECE Day is an annual day of fun for the ECE community: Undergrads held a maze-mapping robotics competition, there was a student vs. faculty trivia contest, and the wildly popular dunk tank where students dunked their professors.

Welcome Debdeep Jena

Electronic devices have become ubiquitous; they are in our kitchens, bathrooms, cars, and even our clothes. As these devices have shrunk to near