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CURIE Academy 2014

The CURIE Academy is a one-week summer residential program for high school girls who excel in math and science, organized by the Cornell Diversity Programs in Engineering and directed by ECE's Christopher Batten.

Brian Calderon

Breaking rules to inspire the next generation of engineers

Christoph Studer

When Christoph Studer was young, he was obsessed with computer games. “Probably before I started reading, I was playing computer games,” he says.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree

Based upon three technical foundations (computers, mathematics, and physics), ECE prepares you for graduate study or a career in all branches of engineering as well as business, medicine, and law. Graduates find employment with top international companies in the computer industry, networking and telecom, data analytics, financial services, aerospace and defense, information security, automotive, manufacturing and technology, research and development, energy and power, health care, and law. Those who go on to graduate study attend top-tiered schools throughout the country. [more info]

Master of Engineering Degree

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng) Degree is a one year program for students seeking advanced training in current technology and engineering design. It is designed to put professional engineers on the fast track to success. [more info]

Ph.D. Degree

The Ph.D. program at Cornell ECE prepares students to be future leaders in research, development and teaching through rigorous course work and cutting-edge research. As an interdisciplinary program, students may take advantage of the wide range of research opportunities on campus, from physics to bioscience, from mathematics to economics. [more info]

Recent News

Defying physics, engineers prove a magnetic field for light

Using an interferometer, Michal Lipson and colleagues have demonstrated an effective magnetic field...

Experiment makes energy savings a game

An experiment in partnership with Con Edison this summer has shown that consumers might be willing...

Cornell moves up a notch in 2015 U.S. News rankings

Cornell has moved up one spot in the annual college rankings from U.S. News and World Report, which...

Chen, Martinez, Molnar & Suh receive teaching awards

Four ECE faculty members receive teaching awards from the College of Engineering.

Sunil Bhave receives Young Investigator Award

Bhave was cited for his work in novel devices combining MEMS, solid-state electronics and photonics...

ECE students create handheld, self-stabilizing camera platform

Project is publish in September 2014 Circuit Cellar Magazine

Amit Lal and team developing remote-control cyborg moths

Remote-controlled moths or 'biobots' may be used in future search and rescue operations!