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C. Richard Johnson, Jr.

  • C. Richard Johnson, Jr.
  • Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Title: Geoffrey S.M. Hedrick Senior Professor
  • Address: 390 Frank H T Rhodes Hall
  • Phone: 607 255-0429
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C. Richard Johnson, Jr. was born in Macon, GA in 1950. He received a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, along with the first PhD minor in Art History granted by Stanford, in 1977. After 4 years on the faculty at Virginia Tech, he joined the Cornell University faculty in 1981, where he is the Geoffrey S. M. Hedrick Senior Professor of Engineering and a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow.
At the start of 2007, following 30 years of research on adaptive feedback systems theory and blind equalization in communication receivers, Professor Johnson accepted a five-year appointment as an Adjunct Research Fellow of the Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) to facilitate the interaction of art historians and conservation specialists with algorithm-building signal processors. In 2012, Professor Johnson was appointed a Scientific Researcher of the Rijksmuseum

Research Interests

Digital Signal Processing (Primary Specialization: 1977-1991: Adaptive Feedback Systems Theory; 1991-2005: Blind Equalization in Digital Communication Receivers; 2005-present: Signal Processing Algorithms in Support of Painting Analysis)

Teaching Interests

  • Applications of adaptive signal processing in communication and control systems
  • Applications of image processing to analysis of old master paintings
  • Digital feedback control design


Selected Publications

  • Liedtke, Walter, Jr. Johnson, Don H. Johnson. 2012. "Canvas Matches in Vermeer: A Case Study in the Computer Analysis of Fabric Supports." Metropolitan Museum Journal 47 (1): 99-106.
  • van Tilborgh, L., T. Meedendorp, E. Hendriks, D. H. Johnson, Jr. Johnson, R. G. Erdmann. 2012. "Weave Matching and Dating of Van Gogh's Paintings: An Interdisciplinary Approach." The Burlington Magazine 153 (112-122).
  • Treichler, J. R., Jr. Johnson, M. G. Larimore. 2001. Theory and Design of Adaptive Filters. Prentice-Hall.
  • Johnson, Jr., C. Richard, W. A. Sethares, A. G. Klein. 2011. Software Receiver Design. Cambridge University Press.
  • Anderson, B.D.O., R. R. Bitmead, Jr. Johnson, P. V. Kokotovic, R. L. Kosut, I.M.Y. Mareels, L. Praly, B. D. Riedle. 1986. Stability of Adaptive Systems: Passivity and Averaging Analysis. MIT Press.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Fulbright Research Scholar (Institute of International Education) 2005
  • Stephen H. Weiss Presidental Fellow (Cornell University) 2004
  • Fellow (IEEE) 1989
  • C. Holmes MacDonald Outstanding Teacher (Eta Kappa Nu) 1983
  • Oustanding Young Electrical Engineer (Eta Kappa Nu) 1982



  • BEE (Electrical Engineering), Georgia Institute of Technology, 1973
  • MS (Electrical Engineering), Stanford University, 1975
  • Ph D (Electrical Engineering), Stanford University, 1977