Jonathan Jaramillo wins 2023-24 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Ph.D. student Jonathan Jaramillo has been selected to receive the 2024 Electrical and Computer Engineering Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.

Jonathan was the lead instructor for Fast Robots, an interdisciplinary course serving mechanical and aerospace engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and computer science students focused on designing, building, and programming foundational robotic algorithms. Jaramillo also co-instructed Computer Systems Programming, a foundational computer programming class focused on data structures and algorithms in C and C++ that leverages continuous development continuous integration pipelines using Github actions automation tool.

As part of his teaching experience, Jaramillo was responsible for overseeing six teaching assistants for class, lab, and grading operations while also writing and testing lab materials, and modifying lectures and labs as needed to improve pedagogy and student learning experiences. 

"Jonathan is thoughtful, patient, outgoing, and always positive. He is also incredibly skilled in a long range of topics and adept at self-learning new tools. He is deeply passionate about teaching and mentoring and has helped me TA my ECE4160 Fast Robots class twice. He is the most helpful TA I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have yet to see a student question in lab or on Ed he was not able to answer (sometimes with a bit of research). Most importantly, I have witnessed again and again the way he phrases his answers, which leads students to draw their own conclusions, which is much more powerful than simply handing them the solution,” remarked Kirsten Petersen, associate professor and Fast Robots course instructor.

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