ECE robotics teams thrill crowds at annual event

Crowds watch ECE students compete at Robotics Day

Crowds filled the Duffield Atrium to cheer student teams under the direction of ECE lecturer and senior research associate Carl Poitras, who oversaw the maze competition as part of his Intelligent Physical Systems (ECE 3400) course.

More than 100 engineering students let off some end-of-semester steam and tried not to blow any gaskets at the annual Robotics Day competition Dec. 10 in Duffield Hall atrium.

Robots created by ECE students

The day kicked off with the “Robotic Maze Runners” morning competition. Each round featured four robots equipped with sensors and navigation algorithms that were placed in a 9-by-9-foot  maze. Over the course of six minutes, the robots attempted to map the maze by following a grid of white lines while avoiding walls and other robots. The information each robot recorded was then transmitted wirelessly to a base station, which decoded the transmission and visualized the map.

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