terrence fine

Terrence Fine

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phillips Hall 111

Selected Publications

  • Fierens, P. I., L.C. Rego, Terrence Fine. 2009. "A Frequentist Understanding of Sets of Measures." Journal of Statistical Planning Inference 139: 1879-1892.
  • Fine, Terrence. 2008. "Evaluating the Pasadena, Altadena, and St Petersburg Gambles." Mind 613-632.
  • Fine, Terrence. 2006. Probability and Probabilistic Reasoning for Electrical Engineering. Pearson/Prentice-Hall.
  • Ku, C-J., Terrence Fine. 2006. "A Bayesian Independence Test for Small Datasets." IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 54: 4026-4031.
  • Guillermo del, A., Terrence Fine. 2005. "Information Capacity and Power Control for Slotted Aloha Random-access Systems." IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 51: 4074-4090.


  • (Electrical Engineering), City College of New York, 1958
  • (Applied Physics), Harvard University, 1959
  • Ph D (Applied Physics), Harvard University, 1963