ECE EDS Seminar: Siddharth Rajan: Opportunities for Emerging Wide and Ultra-Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices


Cornell Electron Devices Society (EDS) presents:

Siddharth Rajan
The Ohio State University

Opportunities for Emerging Wide and Ultra-Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices

The unique material properties of GaN, AlN, and -Ga2O3 present a unique opportunity to address critical needs across many areas, including energy-efficient electronics, high-speed communications, and solid-state lighting. With III-Nitride semiconductors reaching the mass market for a range of lighting and electronics applications, scientific advances and innovation in these materials hold the promise of more impact today than ever before. In the first part of this presentation, I will discuss examples of heterostructure device engineering for GaN-based electronics that enable greatly improved performance, approaching theoretical material limits. The integration of high permittivity materials with III-Nitride materials enables new opportunities to manage field strength, enabling record average breakdown field up to 3 MV/cm in GaN-based HEMTs. Graded AlGaN channel transistors can be used to engineer high-field electron velocity, enabling excellent RF linearity at X-band. In the second part of the talk, I will discuss our recent activities in the area of ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) semiconductor devices based on AlGaN and -Ga2O3. While the intrinsic electronic properties of these materials offer great promise for RF and power applications, challenges related to doping, field management, contacts, and transport will require innovative approaches to materials and device engineering. I will discuss our approach to addressing some of these challenges, and share recent highlights of our work on AlGaN and -Ga2O3 materials, heterostructures, and devices.

Siddharth Rajan is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering departments at The Ohio State University, where he joined the faculty in 2008. He received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2006 from University of California, Santa Barbara, and has held research positions at UC Santa Barbara and GE Global Research. He is recipient of Best Student Paper Awards at Electronic Materials Conference (2006) and Workshop on Frontiers of Electronics (2008), Most Valuable Contribution Award at the Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Materials and Devices (WOCSEMMAD) in 2013, Young Investigator Award of the 2017 North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy Conference (NAMBE), the Harrison Award for Research Excellence from Ohio State University College of Engineering in 2018, and Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Outstanding Paper Award in 2018. Rajan’s education and research activities focus on the area of semiconductor materials and devices. He has co-authored 7 book chapters, over 160 journal papers, and over 150 invited and contributed presentations.

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