Visit ECE: Open Office Hours and Classes

While we look forward to speaking to you with any questions you may have regarding the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, we strongly encourage you to direct any and all questions regarding the application process (requirements, AP Scores, etc...) to the College of Engineering Undergraduate Admissions Office. It is strongly suggested that you pay a visit to their office while you are here on campus. You can find more info about their program on their website. They can be reached directly by phone at (607) 255-5008 and are located in the Swanson Center in 102 Hollister Hall in the Engineering Quad.

ECE Faculty are available during open office hours and can answer questions about ECE and ECE at Cornell: the field, the major, career opportunities and of course their own research programs. You are also welcome to sit in on certain classes.

To find details about open office hours and classes (locations and durations), contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office.