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Women of ECE

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The goal of the Women of ECE group is to build a sense of community for women in the Cornell ECE department at all levels (students, postdocs, faculty) and share relevant information. This involves coffee/pizza hours for women in ECE, MAE and AEP, luncheons for faculty women in Engineering and various funding opportunities.

ECE Woman of the Month

Every month we celebrate an outstanding woman in ECE (student, postdoc, or professor). If you would like to nominate a candidate, please write Prof. Petersen at kirstin @

March 2018

Shuang ChenThis month, we celebrate Ph.D. student Shuang Chen for her outstanding work on datacenter computing. Shuang actually first came to town as an undergrad from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2014 to spend a summer month at Cornell, under a program piloted by Prof. John Hopcroft. And what a month! In this short window of time, she managed to thoroughly impress her resident advisor, Prof. Martínez: “I knew right then this was someone who Ph.D. programs out there would be fighting over.” Shuang now works with Profs. Martínez and Delimitrou to develop intelligent techniques that allow cloud systems to increase the utilization of their resources without sacrificing the quality-of-service that we have come to expect from online cloud computing services. According to Prof. Delimitrou, Shuang is so full of ideas that in the short period of time she has been working on this problem, she has already pushed the needle on what previous work considered possible. Beyond her cutting-edge research, Shuang has found time to excel as a graduate TA twice. A perfect role model for graduate students everywhere!

February 2018

Vaidehi Garg You will have noticed her walking the halls of the School of Engineering, always with a bright touch of color in her hair and an easy smile on her face. Please help us celebrate Vaidehi Garg as February’s ECE Woman of the Month! Besides acing all of her classes and making the Dean’s list every year, Vaidehi excels as a Team Lead for Cornell Cup Robotics, the Publicity Director of the IEEE Executive Board, and a member of the CollabSpace team. She has also been an outreach chair for the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and has taught academic excellence workshops for Engineering Learning Initiatives. Vaidehi’s hard work over the past few years has led to outstanding improvements in the School of Engineering -- she is an inspiration to us all, and we are thrilled to announce that she already has a job lined up with Acacia Communications after earning her Bachelor’s degree in May.

January 2018

Huili Grace Xing profile photoWho better to kick off the celebration of Women in ECE than our very own super hero professor Huili (Grace) Xing? Prof. Xing does groundbreaking research in devices and materials, including high-performance transistors and optoelectronics based on GaN, III-Vs, 2D-crystals and oxides, accompanied by extensive collaborations with industry and publications in high end journals such as Applied Physics Letters, Electron Device Letters, Nature journals, and Science. Her many prestigious awards include an NSF Career Award and a Young Investigator Program Award from the Air Force.

Prof. Xing started her career with a B.Sc. in Physics at Peking University, then went on to do a masters in Material Science and Engineering at Lehigh, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at UCSB. Prof. Xing spent a decade as faculty at the University of Notre Dame before co-founding the Jena-Xing group at Cornell in 2015. Among a multitude of service tasks, Prof. Xing frequently organizes events for female faculty, and with her positive and can-do attitude is a vital contributor to the supportive environment in the College of Engineering.  At home she enjoys acoustic pieces played by her 9-year old son.


The next scheduled events are:

  • Stay tuned for new events!

Group photo of a group of women in the PhEM (Physics, Electrical, Mechanical) meeting

Past events include:

  • March 2, 2018: Johnson Women in Technology Conference
  • December 7, 2017: Women in STEM lunch, 12:15pm-1:15pm, 401 Physical Sciences [For Faculty only]
  • December 2, 2017: Have pizza with fellow women in ECE/MAE/AEP, 1pm,Upson Lounge
  • November 21, 2017: WISE Luncheon for faculty women, 11:30-1pm, Upson 102
  • September 20, 2017: Coffee hour with fellow women in ECE/MAE/AEP, 4.30-6pm, Upson Lounge

The undergraduate women of ECE/MAE/AEP have created a slack channel. If you would like to join, please reach out to Prof. Petersen so she can connect you to the right people. If you would like to propose an event for women in ECE/MAE/AEP, please fill out this form and send it to Hadaskg and Kirstin @

Examples of group discussion topics:
  • How do I get 5 (!) recommendation letters?
  • What is the best way to land a good postdoc/industry job?
  • How do I solve my two-body issue?
  • How do I choose a good project to work on in my postdoc/faculty position in my Ph.D.?
  • If I TA during my grad studies will it help me get a faculty job?
  • How do I balance my career and family?
  • How do I get a summer internship?
  • How do I know what's an interesting job?
  • When I negotiate a faculty position or an industry job what kind of a startup/salary should I aim for?
  • How do I deal with (subtle) sexual harassment? When is it appropriate to speak up?
Important: Funds available for women@ece!

The ECE Women's Conference Travel Grants, Women's Professional Development Grants and Women's Technical Exposure Grants are funded by a gift from the IBM Corporation, with the goals of assisting in the retention of the current ECE female student population, increasing the presence of female scientists in high-rank ECE related positions both in academia and in industry, as well as in the recruiting of female students pursuing both graduate and undergraduate ECE degrees.

Please download (here) application forms for these 3 grants.