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Alyosha Molar, Huili (Grace) Xing, and Debdeep Jena

Molnar, Jena and Xing join national consortium to develop future cellular infrastructure

Imagine a roomful of 1,000 students all simultaneously experiencing an augmented reality lecture and demonstration. Or, how about riding in an autonomous vehicle that can detect, in real time and despite inclement weather, an accident or obstacle miles ahead? For those scenarios to be possible, we need a new, enhanced generation of wireless communication. And that is the focus of the newly established $27.5 million ComSenTer, a center for converged terahertz communications and sensing. Three Cornell faculty will be part of this consortium of over 18 faculty researchers across 10 institutions... Read more

Zhang and Martinez groups

Engineers to hack 50-year-old computing problem with new center

Cornell engineers are part of a national effort to reinvent computing by developing new solutions to the “von Neumann bottleneck,” a feature-turned-problem that is almost as old as the modern computer itself. Most modern computers operate using a von Neumann architecture, named after computer scientist John von Neumann. He proposed in 1945 that programs and data should both reside in a computer’s memory, and that the central processing unit may access them as needed using a memory bus. Von Neumann’s paradigm allowed processor and memory technology to evolve largely independently at breakneck... Read more