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Castañeda and Gallyas-Sanhueza presenting their proposal at Qualcomm

ECE graduate students win 2019 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

Oscar Castañeda and Alexandra Gallyas-Sanhueza, both electrical and computer engineering graduate students advised by Assistant Professor Christoph Studer, have received a 2019 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for their proposal, “PPAC: In-Memory Accelerator for Matrix-Vector-Product-Like Tasks.” Read more

M.Eng. poster session participants display their posters in Duffield Hall

Congratulations to the 2019 ECE M.Eng. Poster Session Winners

Best Posters in Each Category: AI/Pattern Recognition (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Robotics) Daria Efimov, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19 Poster Title: Olympic Lifting for Engineers ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Bruce Land Bio-Signals (Neural, Controls, Imaging, Bioinformatics) Samhita Marri, December ’19 and Shuhua Li, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19 Poster Title: Autonomous Control of UAV to Measure Solar-Induced Fluorescence and Reflectance of Crops ECE M.Eng. Advisor: Joe Skovira Communications (Information Theory, Network Coding, Digital Communications) Joao Pedro Carvao, ECE M.Eng. May ‘19 Poster Title: Massive... Read more

Magic Eye

Rick Johnson, an engineering professor on the Hill—and, at the risk of a mixed metaphor, something of a Renaissance man. At Cornell since 1981, Johnson has spent decades teaching and doing research in electrical engineering, particularly in the fields of control systems and signal processing. But over the past twelve years, his interests have entailed as much art as science. A pioneer in the field of computational art history, Johnson leverages both his engineering acumen and his abiding passion for art to study the physical materials with which works are made. Read more

Blue microservices graphic

Interactive Cloud Microservices

Datacenters support a large and ever-increasing fraction of the world's digital computation power, including search engines, social networks, and machine learning analytics. As modern cloud services grow in popularity, their design shifts from supporting complex monolithic applications to supporting collections of specialized, loosely-coupled microservices. These microservices impact resource requirements and complicate computer cluster management, hurting availability and service reliability. Guaranteeing the responsiveness expected from cloud services while using datacenters efficiently... Read more

Project wins industry innovation award

The Kent Active Management System (KASM) project with United Kingdom Power Networks (UKPN) has won the 2019 “Innovation Project of the Year” at the Networks Awards in Birmingham, UK. As technical lead of the project, ECE Professor Hsiao-Dong Chiang developed the high-performance, integrated system along with his company, Bigwood Systems. The KASM project trialed new contingency analysis software (developed by Bigwood Systems) to demonstrate improved operation and planning of the East Kent 132 kV distribution network. The project demonstrated that the network can be run closer to its design... Read more

Art inspired by slime mold-like robots unveiled at NYC museum

Sometimes individuals transform when they work together. Kirstin Petersen, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, right, with artist Rachel Rose, April 27 at the New Museum in New York City, presenting art inspired by Petersen’s research on swarm robots. One example is single-celled slime mold, which takes on entirely new behaviors as a collective. Another example is a scientist and an artist collaborating on a museum event, combining their respective tendencies toward the fundamental and the abstract. “I have trained my brain to think a certain way. I work in a very goal... Read more