News: ECE

"ECE's Global Positioning System research group contributes to the GPS World's January 2009 Cover story titled 'Assessing the Spoofing Threat'"

ECE Professor Paul Kinter explains: "The first two authors of this article are recent Ph.D. graduates of Cornell's GPS group. The first is Todd Humphreys from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the second is Brent Ledvina from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering . The last three authors are: Mark Psiaki Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Brady O' Hanlon a current ECE grad student, and myself." Read more

“DARPA 2008 Young Faculty Awards”

Three ECE assistant professors, Ehsan Afshari, Sunil Bhave, and Farhan Rana, have been identified by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to receive DARPA 2008 Young Faculty Awards. Read more