News: ECE

“2004 Plasma Science and Applications Award”

Dave Hammer is being recognized by the Society "for fundamental contributions to the understanding of intense relativistic electron beam propagation, intense ion beam generation and propagation, innovative plasma diagnostic development for intense beam devices, x-ray source development using novel plasma pinches, and for his commitment to the mentoring of graduate students in the field of plasma science." Read more

“IEEE Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing Medal”

ECE Prof. Tom Parks has been named as a co-recipient of the 2004 IEEE Jack Kilby Signal Processing Medal, along with James McClellan, "for fundamental contributions to digital filter design and interpolation, especially for Parks-McClellan algorithm." Read more

“Highly Commended Paper Award”

Zygmunt J. Haas received the "Highly Commended Paper" Award "Performance Evaluation of the Modified IEEE 802.11 MAC for Multi-Channel Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Network", IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA 2003), Xidian University, Xian, China, March 27-29, 2003. Read more

“NSF Award”

National Science Foundation has awarded a $2.5 million Information Technology Research Grant to Cornell University for the development of "Self-Configuring Sensor Networks for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation, and Recovery." Read more