Class Notes: ECE

Degree Year
  • 1961

photo of Charles Rhodes

Charles Rhodes


  • BS

The story of what Cornell meant to me professionally is extremely simple. 

1. I discovered what I wanted to do (Physics),

2. I found out that I did not need the professors. This insight arrived perforce because of the immediate need for a prerequisite and the consequent necessity to teach myself Quantum Mechanics over the summer. The realization that I could teach myself anything effortlessly followed.

3. My experience at ECE enabled me to obtain one of those truly great NSF Fellowships that were available in those days; this support bankrolled my entire graduate education at MIT in the Department of Physics.

4. With the help of Professor Eastman on the ECE faculty, I was able to make my first international research connection. He organized a position for me involving Radio Astronomy at Chalmers in Goteberg, Sweden during the summer between Cornell and MIT. The leading consequence is the fact that international connections have been a key advantage for me during my entire career. It launched a series of subsequent activities in Russia, Germany, Sweden, England, and Japan that yielded millions of dollars in research support; the recruitment of several key people; the ability to import technologies vital to my research, but not available to me in the United States; and the creation of new ideas.

A set of advantages of this magnitude is hard to imagine, but they all go directly back to ECE at Cornell and I believe that they can be available to any ECE students.

Degree Year
  • 1993

Kent Yen


  • MEng

I graduated from Cornell with an M.Eng in EE. Coming from a state school (SUNY), I wasn't sure what to expect going into a Ivy League school. The education I received at Cornell turned out to be an excellent education experience.

I especially value the opportunity to have exposure to various engineering subjects and fields. I chose to major and concentrated in signal processing and I gained a great deal of computer skills while I was at Cornell.

Now I am working for the U.S. government as a civilian employee and looking forward to pass on the Cornell educational experience to my children (if I can afford and if my children have the grades).

In the future, may Cornell continue to be the best it can be with its excellence in education and creative, innovative learning and achievement. 

Degree Year
  • 2004

Vikrant T. Nanda


  • BS

Since graduating Cornell, I've pursued a career in Information Security & Risk Management spanning the Financial Services, Consulting, and Tech/Internet industries. Along the way, I attended b-school at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Most recently, I've relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and joined Google's Privacy team. On the personal front, I am married and we are proud parents of a beautiful little girl!

Degree Year
  • 1981

Steve Cogger


  • BS

Since my graduation from Cornell, I have had many interesting and varied career opportunities. My first job was with EHV Systems, a start up company devoted to electric vehicle technology started by John Santini, Cornell EE '75.

Over the years I have been with startups that have perished, (EHV, Ubicom), as well as large multi-nationals, (Seiko-Epson). As I climbed the career path, leaving engineering for management and sales, I realized that living in hotels and out of suitcases was lucrative but not terribly satisfying.

In 2007, I received Massachusetts teacher licenses in Technology/Engineering and in Physics and have spent the last seven years teaching Physics, Robotics, and Electronics. My motivation was a presentation by Dean Kamen about the state of STEM Education, especially Engineering in public schools. Teaching has allowed me the opportunity to share and give back some of the experience that has been provided to me by my Cornell education.

As part of my professional growth, I completed my Master's degree in STEM Education at Tufts. This year I started my course work towards a Ph.D. in STEM Education, also at Tufts.