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Degree Year: 2012, 2013

Jeremy Blum (Degree(s): BS, MEng)

I'm a recent Cornell ECE graduate trying to juggle a whole lot of exciting stuff - both technical and not. Presently, I'm living in NYC where I am the CTO and Co-Founder of SUNN, a startup developing innovative lighting solutions that allow indoor LED lights to emulate natural sunlight, with the aim of creating a healthier living and working environment. The lights consume about one-fifth of the energy of an incandescent bulb, all while drastically improving light quality over compact flourescent bulbs. Through a web connection, the bulbs can intelligently geolocate themselves and determine the time, enabling them to always provide the right light at the right time. We're working with manufacturers to get this technology out into the market.

Simultaneously, I'm the owner of Blum Idea Labs, my consulting and content product firm. I produce Youtube videos that have taught engineering concepts to millions of people around the world. Most recently, I published a book, Exploring Arduino, which uses the popular Arduino microcontroller platform to teach concepts in electrical engineering, computer science, and human-computer interaction. It's available worldwide and as an EBook. Reviews are positive, and sales are going well.

Degree Year: 2010

Allison Smyth (Degree(s): MEng)

The Cornell M.Eng program was a great experience for me. I have always believed that it is important to balance both theory and practice when learning. The ECE M.Eng program was able to effectively provide this balance. In addition to a great learning environment, I also met great people who I continue to stay in touch with today.

Since graduating, I have worked on en route air traffic control systems at Raytheon Company and now drag racing timing systems at Portatree Timing Systems. In my free time, I work on other racing/car related projects including Smart Signals (wireless blinkers for antique cars) and the Moroso Electronic Switch Panel (power distribution and control system for race cars).

My family has been involved in drag racing since before I was born. I began racing at 14 years old and have not stopped since! My hobby has definitely affected the projects I have worked on and even influenced my M.Eng project. 

Hopefully the future will hold more fun projects and learning experiences. :)

Sriharsha Muttineni (Degree(s): MEng)

Cornell's M.Eng program taught me life's biggest lessons---(1) survival and (2) facing difficult situations with a smile. 

Ever since, I have been applying LEDs to exterior automotive lighting. In three years, I have ended up at a place where a majority of people take about eight to ten years to be. To put it in one statement---living the dream.

Degree Year: 2009

Rich Rothman (Degree(s): BS)

The impressive reputation and rigorous preparation of Cornell ECE allowed me to secure a job at Lutron Electronics before the end of senior year. I spent about two years designing and maintaining manufacturing line test equipment before attending Lehigh University for an M.Eng in Energy Systems Engineering.

I now work for PJM Interconnection, the Regional Transmission Organization for much of the Mid-Atlantic region. PJM is responsible for operating and planning the high voltage power grid in its footprint, as well as operating fair and efficient wholesale electricity markets. I work on the technical side of one of these markets running auctions, managing participant data, and testing website functionality.

It's great to read about Cornell ECE alumni doing such amazing things!

Degree Year: 2006/7

Idan Beck (Degree(s): BS, MEng)

Since graduating, I had a short stint at Microsoft before founding Incident, where we build the gTar a pure-MIDI guitar using some novel sensors to detect real-time user action as well as an integrated RGB LED display driven by a docked iPhone running different applications for everything from learning how to play to manipulating synthesizers.

Degree Year: 2006

Adam Kerin (Degree(s): BS)

After Cornell ECE, I joined Intel's Rotation Engineer Program where I got to experience three different jobs in one year. That set me on the path of Technical Marketing, where I know work with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors for today's leading smarthones, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Google Nexus 5.  

Pamela Ongchin (Degree(s): BS)

Cornell ECE has enabled me to develop problem solving skills required to tackle complex technical problems that I have come across throughout my career and provided a network, which I can always reach out to.

The technical skills that I built while I was at Cornell have helped me throughout my career. Through the undergraduate curriculum in ECE (specifically Computer Architecture and VLSI), doing research on faster architectural simulation with Sally McKee (now an Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology), and taking part in Cornell's Co-op program at AMD, I was able to build the experiences I needed to get my first job at Broadcom designing Blu-ray chips. Following Broadcom, I went back to school and joined MIT's Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program and got a dual degree in M.B.A. and M.S. in EECS to get more experience in business, operations, and software. I continued to work in semiconductors after school as part of Business Development in Intel's Custom Foundry. There, the technical knowledge from my ECE degree helped me to make good business decisions. Today, I continue to use the coding skills that I learned through my experience in ECE as a Technical Account Manager at Optimizely.

In addition to providing the resources that I needed to build technical expertise, the Cornell ECE network has been extremely valuable for finding advice and mentorship throughout my career. I continue to be surprised by the number of Cornell ECEs from various years that have helped me in my different jobs, including senior engineers and managers at Broadcom.

However, the best part of my whole experience has been the friendships that I made from working on impossible coding projects and problem sets with my fellow classmates late into the night during undergrad. These are the friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. We have all gone on to pursue a variety of career paths including engineering, law, and business. Nevertheless, we continue to give each other advice about our careers, provide constant moral support, and reminisce about our college days.

Degree Year: 2005

Chen Chow Yeoh (Degree(s): BS)

I graduated from Cornell ECE in 2005. Reflecting back on my time in Cornell, it has been amazing experience.

I started my career with Accenture as a Management Consultant, focusing in Customer Relationship Management. Subsequently, I joined as Product Manager.

Since April 2011, I have been with Groupon, starting from Malaysia, initially. Currently, I am a Regional Operations Director for Asia Pacific. I also represent Groupon in its Observer seat in the board of Life Media Limited (Groupon's JV with Tencent and Legend Capital in China).

Selected as an Eisenhower Fellow for 2013, I have the opportunity to visit various cities in the U.S., learning more on education sector in the U.S.

Degree Year: 2004, 2005

Simon Li (Degree(s): BS, MEng)

I earned my B.S. '04 and M.Eng '05 in ECE, focusing on digital communications. After graduating, I worked for four years in the intelligence industry, applying all of the theory I learned to real-life problems. After two years in business school, I worked at Samsung Mobile and Amazon, both in product roles. Although I'm squarely on the business side of the company, the technical foundation I developed at Cornell is still critical in my day-to-day work.

Robert Meyers (Degree(s): BS, MEng)

I received a B.S. in Engineering Physics in 2004, and my M.Eng in ECE in 2005. My first job was at General Dynamics C4S in Scottsdale, AZ, where I spent about two years working as a systems engineer on a digital communications product. I then went back to graduate school at Arizona State University's School of Sustainability and received my M.S. degree. My research focused on renewable energy, grid efficiency, and the environmental assessment of information technology.

I now work at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. and develop voluntary energy efficiency standards for IT equipment and data center products as part of its ENERGY STAR program. I work with most major international and US-based electronics manufacturers/brands, many foreign governments, NGOs, and advocacy groups to develop these standards, plus travel around the U.S., and sometimes internationally, to speak at conferences, sit on panels, etc.