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Computer architecture

Research in computer architecture encompasses both experimental and theoretical work on improving the performance, efficiency, reliability, and programmability of future computer systems. This highly interdisciplinary field stretches from circuits to operating systems with a focus at the hardware/software interface. Computer architects are discovering new challenges and opportunities with the inevitable end of Moore's law, the growing complexity of modern systems, the emergence of nanoscale physical design constraints, and the transition to mainstream parallel computing. Our core areas of expertise include heterogeneous accelerator-based computing systems; chip-level interconnection networks; secure computing platforms; power- and reliability-aware parallel architectures; reconfigurable and self-optimizing hardware; and architectures for emerging technologies.

Research Area Faculty

  Name Department Contact
dha7.jpg Albonesi, David H.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Room 221 Phillips Hall
607 255-8131
cb535.jpg Batten, Christopher Francis
Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering 323 Rhodes
607 255-2672
jfm37.jpg Martínez, José F.
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering 336 Rhodes Hall
607 255-1874
gs272.jpg Suh, Gookwon Edward
Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Room 338 Frank H T Rhodes Hall
607 255-6856