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VIDEO: ECE Day 2015

Cornell ECE Day is an annual day of fun for the ECE community: Undergrads held a maze-mapping robotics competition, there was a student vs. faculty trivia contest, and the wildly popular dunk tank where students dunked their professors. More

Welcome Debdeep Jena

Electronic devices have become ubiquitous; they are in our kitchens, bathrooms, cars, and even our clothes. As these devices have shrunk to near More

Welcome Grace Xing

Silicon-based semiconductors have been of primary importance to the electronics revolution of the past 50 years. Professor Grace Xing is working on what comes next. She is one of More

2D materials ripe for innovation

Mike Spencer, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering More

Christopher Batten: Sweating the details to make it right

Balance is important to Professor Christopher Batten, of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell. More

Cornell Maker Club: Breaking rules to join the Maker Movement

The first rule of Maker Club is that there aren’t rules about what you make in Maker Club. More

The Future of ECE with Clif Pollock

ECE Director Clif Pollock discussed the exciting things that are happening in the department and the vision for the future via Livestream on October 9, 2014. More

Bruce Land: Breaking rules to help students make great things happen

To be successful in the academic world, you often have to pick one research area to specialize in and then devote yourself to that one, narrow area with all your heart and all your effort. Bruce Land has chosen to ignore this rule. More

Why Cornell ECE?

Incoming graduate students explain why they chose Cornell ECE during the Electrical and Computer Engineering New Graduate Student Welcome Reception, August 25, 2014. More

CURIE Academy 2014

The CURIE Academy is a one-week summer residential program for high school girls who excel in math and science, organized by the Cornell Diversity Programs in Engineering and directed by ECE's Christopher Batten. More