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ECE students Max Rothstein and Richard Speranza create real-time wireless laser tag system

Thursday, September 25, 2014

For their ECE 4760 final project, Max Rothstein and Richard Speranza created Blasterworks, a DIY real-time laster tag system. Having both played standard laser tag games, the duo wanted to push it beyond traditional boundaries. Beginning with the essential components of the laser and detector systems and customary laser tag features, they’ve expanded the game by adding an LCD screen and RF transceiver, providing score updates and configurability. Blasterworks also uses actual lasers whereas all commercially available systems use infrared light. Their ultimate goal was to create a system which mirrored combat as close as possible, while at the same time adding new features that are normally only found in video games.

Their project has been published in the October 2014 issue of Circuit Cellar Magazine. See it at

Discover more about their project and view demonstration videos at

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