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ECE Ph.D. student Dipayan Ghosh interns with the National Economic Council at the White House

Thursday, April 10, 2014

ECE Ph.D. student Dipayan Ghosh

Dipayan Ghosh, a Ph.D. student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering will take his research expertise to Washington, D.C. this semester, as he interns with the National Economic Council (NEC) in the Executive Office of the President at the White House.

Dipayan's Ph.D. research has focused on the economics of privacy, particularly at the intersection of technology and policy. During this internship, he will be assisting NEC staff as they coordinate the policy-making process for domestic and international economic issues. The National Economic Council provides advice to the President, conducts research on his behalf, ensures that his decisions are in line with his objectives, and monitors and coordinates his ongoing policies.

"I think that privacy economics is appreciated as relevant expertise among policymakers in Washington," said Dipayan. "While I expect that my time with the NEC will touch on my doctoral work in some ways, there’s no doubt that this internship will be an incredible learning experience as well."

According to Dipayan, while engineers can design technical solutions for privacy, it is usually difficulty to adopt private or "privacy-aware" technologies in practice due to the competing objectives of various stakeholders. For instance, although consumers of cellular technology may wish to make phone calls and send text messages in a private manner, the cellular service provider and the federal government may wish to retain consumer records for various purposes. His research, however has found that it is often possible to adopt privacy-preserving technical solutions once a set of economic conditions is satisfied. His work has resulted in a series of policy recommendations and economic findings on the assurance of privacy in technology.

Dipayan is a member of Professor Stephen Wicker’s Wireless Intelligent Systems Lab. He has received a number of prestigious awards including the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, Department of Defense (NDSEG) and the Jacobs Fellowship. He previously interned at IBM and Thomson Reuters in addition to a semester at U.C. Berkeley working on privacy economics with Professor Shankar Sastry. Dipayan received his BSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Connecticut and participated in his thesis defense this past November.

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