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Bruce Land’s ECE 4760 channel ranks in top 1% on Youtube

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bruce Land’s Cornell University Electrical and Computer Engineering courses (4760, 5760, 5030) boast a significant Youtube subscriber ranking of approximately 48,100 and a view number rank of just under 200,000. With at least four million channels over all of Youtube, ECE 4760 is in the top 1% of subscribers and top 5% of views over all channels on the video sharing site.

"The channel is a success because of the ideas and hard work of the students," says Land, a Senior Lecturer in electrical and computer engineering. He posts videos of his lectures and his student’s projects using microcontrollers and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) from two microcontroller design courses and a biomedical instrumentation course.

In all three courses, students are responsible for choosing their final projects, then designing and building them. These projects are produced in the last month of each course each year and final demonstrations are filmed and posted to the Youtube channel.

Although only active since February 2012, Land’s Youtube channel has received over 513,000 views and over two million minutes have been watched overall. In 2013 alone, the channel received 301,600 views with over 1.13 million minutes of video watched. The average watch time for all videos is about four minutes, with student videos running three to five minutes long. On average, Land’s lectures are watched for about nine to ten minutes. Over 260 videos are posted on the channel, the majority of which are student projects.

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