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ECE Professor Emeritus Simpson (Sam) Linke Dies at 96

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

­­ECE Professor Emeritus Simpson (Sam) Linke passed away on Friday, December 27, 2013 at the age of 96. Professor Linke joined the School of Electrical Engineering as an Assistant Professor in 1949. He was promoted to an Associate Professor in 1953 and became a Full Professor in 1963. His research areas included electric power and energy systems.

From 1955-60, he was Supervisor of the Power System Calculator and a Senior Power Engineer at Philadelphia Electric Company (1955-56). He served as the Assistant Director of the Laboratory of Plasma Studies (1965-75). In 1971-72, he served as Manager of Energy-Project Funding for National Science Foundation.

He was an IEEE Life Fellow, Attwood Associate of CIGRÉ, and a member of Sigma Xi and Eta Kappa Nu. Professor Linke received a merit award for a technical magazine article and was author and co-author of 50 technical articles.

From 1973-78, Professor Linke organized and conducted the first International Symposium on the Hydrogen Economy, He also conducted a Symposium on Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage as well as a Symposium on Research in Electric Transmission and Distribution.

Professor Linke was the Editor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Newsletter, Connections from 1992-2005.

He retired from Cornell in 1986.

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