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"ECE's Global Positioning System research group contributes to the GPS World's January 2009 Cover story titled 'Assessing the Spoofing Threat'"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"The article's subject is spoofing of GPS receivers. Spoofing refers to a process of fooling a GPS receiver into accepting one or more false GPS signals that have been generated by a malicious device, the spoofer. The article centers on a new, advanced spoofer that we have developed and tested using real-time software radio technology. This device allows for a new type of sophisticated spoofing attack that is hard to detect. Our aim is to use this device in a sort of "war games" mode as a way of helping us and others to develop improved countermeasures against such attacks. The first two authors have already begun a collaboration with a receiver manufacturer that seeks to evaluate a proposed anti-spoofing system."

Read the article online:
"Assessing the Spoofing Threat"
-Jan 1, 2009 GPS WORLD

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