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Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellowship

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Professor Sheila Hemami has been named a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, Cornell President David J. Skorton has announced.  Hemami is a professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and is also Associate Director of the School.

Weiss fellowships recognize tenured faculty who have “sustained records of effective, inspiring, and distinguished teaching of undergraduate students and of contributions to undergraduate education.”  Hemami was praised by her students for her “contagious excitement about the subject” and her “focus on problem-solving skills with real-world applications.”  Similarly, Hemami’s colleagues cited her leadership in curriculum revisions, dissemination of best practices in teaching, and programs for women students and faculty.

Hemami will be formally honored for this fellowship in May, 2013, during Commencement Weekend.

Hemami is the fourth ECE faculty member to be named a Weiss Fellow, following C. Richard Johnson, Clifford Pollock, and Michael Kelley, making ECE the Cornell department with the largest number of Weiss Fellows.

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