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ECE team wins national AT&T SDN Network Design Challenge

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Credit: AT&T Innovation Space Blog

A team of ECE researchers led by Associate Professor Kevin Tang has won the AT&T SDN Network Design Challenge – a national competition asking academics to envision more efficient, reliable designs for software-controlled network routing.

The team, which included a postdoctoral scholar and four graduate students, will receive a $50,000 prize and will be offered summer internships at AT&T Labs for two students.

The challenge was part of an initiative announced by AT&T in 2014 to transition to a more software-centric network, with the ambitious goal of virtualizing 75 percent of its network by the year 2020.

“As the growth of data continues to snowball due to trends like the Internet of Things and mobile data, the demand for a fast, efficient and flexible network increases exponentially,” Tang told AT&T’s Innovation Space Blog. “I believe that building software-centric networks based on breakthrough technologies, like the solution our team pioneered, satisfies this demand.”

Read more about the challenge and the winning entry here:

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