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Electromagnetics and Plasma Sciences

We study the dynamics and physical properties of hot, extremely dense plasmas produced by 0.5 - 1 million ampere pulsed-power generators.  We make use of state-of-the-art electro-optical diagnostics and large-scale computer simulations in order to understand observed experimental phenomena for possible application to inertial confinement fusion energy development and to help explain astrophysical observations in distant stars and galaxies. We use radar probing of the ionosphere to understand solar-terrestrial plasma coupling dynamics.

Research Area Faculty

  Name Department Contact
dah5.jpg Hammer, David A.
J. Carlton Ward, Jr, Professor of Nuclear Energy Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering Room 327 Frank H T Rhodes Hall
607 255-3916
eck5.jpg Kan, Edwin Chihchuan
Electrical and Computer Engineering Room 325 Phillips Hall
607 255-3998
mck13.jpg Kelley, Michael Charles
James A. Friend Family Distinguished Professor of Engineering Emeritus
Electrical and Computer Engineering 320 Frank H T Rhodes Hall
607 255-7425
ces7.jpg Seyler, Charles Eugene
Electrical and Computer Engineering Room 322 Frank H T Rhodes Hall
607 255-4967

Research Area Field Faculty

  Name Department Contact
dlh37.jpg Hysell, David Lee
Chair, EAS
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 3114 Snee Hall
607 255-0630
brk2.jpg Kusse, Bruce Raymond
Applied and Engineering Physics 206 Clark Hall
607 255-6252